Ep: 9 Silent Tears – an 8 year IVF journey with Lisa Bondarenko

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Lisa Bondarenko, based in Adelaide, South Australia runs a private counselling practise and provides specialist support to patients and couples primarily dealing with fertility issues and IVF treatment. This is how Lisa and I met, she was my counsellor and the reason I didn’t go completely bat-shit crazy. She also runs retreats and workshops, is a keynote speaker and author of Silent Tears – an authentic account of the highs, lows and everything in between that is often experienced through IVF and a fertility crisis. Lisa had her own 8 year journey to have her little boy Jack and todays episode takes us though that very journey with some very helpful information for couples going through IVF as well – including:

(2:22) how her own experience has given her understanding and empathy towards couples going through IVF

(8:20) it doesn’t matter whose ‘fault’ and why the blame game serves no one – the process is still the process

(11:55) you are more than a mother or a father, there is more to your identity

(15:00) IVF is a loss and you are allowed to grieve

(22:00) the only way through grief, is through it and why moving is better than being stuck

(27:30) the most powerful thing to say to people who are going through IVF

(37:00) feeling the stigma and what we can do to change that

(41:30) how can couples look after themselves during the process looking after your relationship

(48:00) getting back into the drivers seat and taking control

(56:00) there’s nothing wrong with taking some time out and running on your own schedule

+ a whole lot more!

You can find out more about Lisa here – www.lisabondarenko.com.au

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