Ep: 18 Crystals, Essential Oils + Placenta Encapsulation with Lou Mackie

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Louise Mackie is the founder of Yogi Tree, which was born as a vehicle for her many passions and creative exploration. A deeply soulful woman dedicated to the service of women in her community, Louise is passionate about using the gifts mother nature has given us including crystals, essential oils and flower essences to enhance the wellbeing of women – particular pregnant and postpartum ladies. She is also a yoga teacher, holistic birth practitioner and placenta encapsulation specialist. We cover all of this in our chat today, so if you’re an earth mumma that loves all those things you’re going to love this!

Visit Louise’s website here: https://www.yogitreewellbeing.com/

Follow her on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/yogitreeweb/

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