About pages really stump me. I’m one of those people that find it really hard to answer the question, “What do you do?”, because no two days are the same and my life has changed directions multiple times! I’ve recently adopted the term multi-passionate which fits pretty well – I really am passionate about more than one thing.

Just a little background check for you – I used to have my own sleepwear label, (before that a jewellery label) I am a (PE) teacher by trade, qualified Pilates instructor and essential oil addict + advocate. There was a period in my life where I hated what I saw in the mirror, was on a constant quest to ‘get skinny’ (no matter what the consequences were) and was all about pleasing everyone else but me – anyone relate to that one?

Through the introduction of yoga and meditation to my life, I slowly but surely changed the relationship I had with myself – which by the way is THE most important relationship you will ever have, so look after it! I don’t believe in fads + restrictions, I believe in creating healthy habits you can sustain for the long term (which include red wine, chocolate and the biggest piece of my mum’s lasagne I can fit on my plate!)

I speak at schools about the positive effects of mindfulness ,  I create recipes + books and work with a team of almost 700 to educate people on the natural solutions Mother Nature has to offer. Oh, did I mention I’m a little obsessed with photography too? I love my dog beyond measure and live with my gorgeous husband on the stunning Gold Coast. I’ve made some pretty spectacular mistakes along the way, have had more meltdowns on the floor of my bedroom than I care to remember and there are some days where I wonder ‘Why bother?’ But you know what? This lifestyle that I lead, the lifestyle that I lead on my terms, is all worth it. Whether I help one person or one hundred is irrelevant – I’m making a difference and I believe we all can. That’s why you found me – to remind you of that.