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Grab yourself the best of both worlds and save! With over 140 recipes between them 'Eat Dessert for Breakfast' and 'Life's too Short for Diets' will become your go-to recipes books for healthy inspiration. Full colour photographs and inspirational messages included!

gluten-free options | dairy-free options | vegan + vegetarian options

Choose from these delicious recipes:

  •     Raspberry Love Cakes
  •     Burrito bowls
  •     Pumpkin butter chicken
  •     Cauliflower Pizza
  •     Sweet potato, eggplant + chicken lasagne
  •     Best Ever Banana Bread
  •     Asian Noodle Salad
  •     Apple Berry Pie
  •     Fig + Orange Tart
  •     Lemon + Thyme Chicken Burgers

and so many more!

  • 6 January 2016 5.0 Amazing books! So many delicious options!

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