essential oils gold coast brisbane doterra

When a recipe of mine calls for essential oil, this is the brand I use without exception. It is 100% pure certified therapeutic grade without any synthetic fillers. This is what gives my famous choc-peppermint, lemon + coconut or wild orange bliss balls that delicious, unique flavour. You just can't get it anywhere else! 

Part of my role now is to educate people how to use them within the home - eradicating any nasties in the medicine, cleaning and beauty cabinets. You can make your own perfumes and beauty products (my facial serum is the absolute best!) as well as non-toxic cleaning products. They offer a natural solution to dealing with anxious feelings, sleepless nights and depressive moods. Essential oils compliment the chakra system beautifully and are used widely in emotional healing.

essential oils gold coast brisbane doterra

The oils are also sourced indigenously - meaning they come from where they are meant to, not a big generic farm. Because many of the coutries where the oils are sourced from are still developing - a beautiful initative known as the Co-Impact Sourcing Initative means you not only get the highest quality oil on the planet, you are also giving back to communities that need it most.

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H O W   T O   S A V  E   2 5 %    O F F    R R P 

By getting yourself a wholesale account for $35 (kind of like Costco) you will have access to 25% off the retail price, which is how I get my oils. If you're looking to set your home up with one of the value kits, that $35 fee is waived. Or you can select any of the ones you are interested in individually. *The Home Essentials Kit is by far the most popular and includes a free diffuser #winning

1) Simply use them in your home for a natural and holistic approach to health with your family. No minimum orders or requirement to onsell. Nothing sneaky here folks!

2) Get your products for free by sharing with friends and family.

3) In addition to 1) and 2) earn an income by sharing your love for the natural way of life (this is what I do)

Now I am always on the look out for people either looking for a new challenge, or something to compliment their existing business. I am fast building a dedicated team to join me on the journey - full training is provided and no experience is necessary. Simply hit me up for more info on this - this isn't for everyone!



If you have any questions about these oils, please contact me.

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